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KDOX 92.1 FM
101 Ketter Way
Doxterity, CA 92048
(735) 757-KDOX

KDOX Cable Channel 224
102 Ketter Way
Doxterity, CA 92048
(735) 757-0224

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10am-3pm

Doxterity Daily Wazzipity
500 El Camino Real
Doxterity, CA 92048
Main Office (735) 757-2100
Subscriptions (735) 757-2101
Advertising (735) 757-2102
Recent Doxterian News

April 21, 2006: Doxterity has the cheapest gas in the country, as reported by the Auto Club. The report credits alternative fuel vehicles as the main reason for the low prices. The national average cost for one gallon of unleaded gasoline was over $3/gallon, while prices in Doxterity hover around $1.05/gallon.

March 10, 2006: Elusive philanthropist K.C. Matthew is reported to have signed a deal with a major Hollywood studio to tell his life story. He is rumored to be planning a stay in the Los Angeles area during the summer to help produce the movie. Actor is expected to play the role of Mr. Matthew.

January 3, 2006: K.C. Matthew surfaces on the east coast, and announces planned visit to Doxterity in the spring.

November 15, 2005: Scientists report that time moves more slowly Doxterity, owing to a thinness of the Earth's crust in the Doxterity area. People also weigh less in Doxterity, than they do in the surrounding areas.

August 21, 2005: A minor earthquake destroys Agujero de Gloria de San Mateo, closing it forever. The caves had been an attraction in Doxterity for over 100 years.

July 4, 2005: Huge crowds show up in Old Town Doxterity to celebrate Independence day.

January 8, 2005: Record rains damage hay crops and cause local flooding.

December 25, 2004: Mayor declares the holiday market a success as Doxterians recover from holiday season.

November 23, 2004: Doxterity celebrates 300 years of history. Record numbers of visitors join the celebration at the fair grounds, while area notables gather for a gala celebration at Mission San Mateo. Entertainment was provided by Diggie G and the G Groove, and the Marine Corps band from MCLB San Ignatius.

November 8, 2004: Doxterity voters elect a new mayor, 3 new members of the city council, and 4 new members to the school board.

August 17, 2004: Rapper Diggie G purchases ocean front property in Doxterity and plans construction of 8500 sq. ft. home.

July 4, 2004: K.C. Matthew leaves Doxterity for Monroe, MI, to complete restoration of his family's estate.

March 27, 2004: K.C. Matthew returns to Doxterity from his good-will tour of the Middle East.


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